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Last Updated: December 2, 2013

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) World Wide Press Room was created by the ASA Public Relations Committee to provide efficient dissemination of information regarding the Society and the field of acoustics to the news media, science writers, and other interested parties.

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166th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America
San Francisco, California
November 2-6, 2013

Meeting Press Release I: Save the Date: ASA Fall Meeting 2013 in San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 2-6
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We will grant free registration to credentialed journalists and professional freelance journalists. If you are a reporter and would like to attend, contact Jason Bardi (jbardi@aip.org, 240-535-4954), who can also help with setting up interviews and obtaining images, sound clips, or background information.

ASA Science Writers Award

The ASA sponsors a biennial Science Writers Awards for popular articles about acoustics by both acoustics professionals and journalists. These awards have $2000 cash prize attached to them, which is presented to the Awinners the year following the years of the competition. (Note: Prior to 2010, a prize of $1000 was awarded annually.)
2013 Science Writing Awards Call for Entries
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